I’m giving away 5000 stickers!

So, here’s the deal. I’ve made 5000 stickers for promotional purposes only. It didn’t cost me shit so I’m handing them out for free. There are three types of stickers available and you can choose between them. You only can choose one type. If you have selected the type you want, contact me and I’ll see how I can get them to you. You get 16 stickers of the selected type.

Remember, I’m doing you a favor by doing this.


Sticker 1

Sticker 2

Sticker 3

I cannot be held responsible for whatever you fucks come to think of doing with these stickers. Do NOT attach them to any public domain. If you really want to, I can’t stop you. Do not throw them on the road and/or sidewalk!
Instead, stick them to your foreheads and show off how cool you are. I could even make a contest out of this. Send me a picture of you and the sticker on your forehead to my well known email address, and win another 16 stickers!

Update 05-30-06

A lot of people send me pictures of the stickers on their body. I’ll select the best ones and put them here. They all get another 16 stickers. For the record, because many people get it wrong : it doesn’t matter how many pictures you send of you, you only get 16 stickers extra. That means if you send two (or more) pictures of you, you don’t get 32 stickers, only 16.

Ok, another simple idea that people fail to get is the following.
Fact : you get the stickers free from charge.
Fact : you need to pay for the transport of it.
It goes like this. If you can’t get them personally from me, you’ll need to send me an envelope with my address on it, obviously, and enough stamps to get it here. In that envelope you have to put another envelope with your address on and again, enough stamps for me to send it back. International mail doesn’t cost that much you know. If you’re too cheap, I’ll think of you next time I’m planning such a stunt in the future and you’ll get nothing. Bastards.
In case you’re smart enough to see the fact that you’ll need my address, I’ll give it to you once you decide to mail me, ask for stickers, and are ready to send me an envelope. At that point I’ll give you my address.

Let me explain once again what a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope means :

Take an envelope, address it to yourself, put enough stamps on it, fold it and put it inside another envelope, and address that outside envelope to me, put enough stamps on it and send it to me. It is amazing how many people do not understand this simple concept.

Fact : Over 3000 stickers were sent already within the last 9 days.
Fact : 600 to the US, 700 to Canada, 550 to Australia, 200 to Belgium, 300 gotten them via other people, 200 came to me and got them this way, and about 450 were send to other places in the world.

So, think : you’ll need to be quick about this if you still want any. Mail me.

Other fun sticker stuff :
Deamhan : Guess what? Your stickers are in about every classroom of my school.
Deamhan : Six people came to ask me if I put them there or how they got there.
Deamhan : And frankly, I’d like to know too.
Deamhan : Break-in and entering?
Deamhan : ^^
Gothrix : You should have noticed my screenname the last week. It stated I was giving away 5000 stickers. It’s quite funny how those stickers get almost anywhere.

Dark Age : Did you make stickers for your webpage?
Gothrix : Yes … that one was obvious.
Dark Age : Well, I was drunk in a bar and was leaning against the cigarette-dispencer, and saw a sticker below the display.
Gothrix : I’m glad it is there, my page is even worse for your health than smoking is.
Dark Age : Ah, lol.

More to come.