• Maintaining Massage and Running Workout Log

    Today’s homework for the September Blogger Writing Challenge  is to describe the tools I use to maintain a food, massage and workout blog. Well this is a pretty easy assignment for me because my logs are quite simple.massage chair review log

    Let me just begin by saying if you’re not doing this, you should.  I learned a great deal about myself when I started logging my meals and exercise.  And one of the first things I noticed was that was diet included too many carbs (pretty typical).  I am good about making healthy choices it’s just that too many of those choices include …

  • I’m giving away 5000 stickers!

    So, here’s the deal. I’ve made 5000 stickers for promotional purposes only. It didn’t cost me shit so I’m handing them out for free. There are three types of stickers available and you can choose between them. You only can choose one type. If you have selected the type you want, contact me and I’ll see how I can get them to you. You get 16 stickers of the selected type.

    Remember, I’m doing you a favor by doing this.


    Sticker 1

    Sticker 2

    Sticker 3

    I cannot be held responsible for whatever you fucks come to think of